Calling all parents

I believe Canterbury City Council needs to change the plans for the multi-storey car park in Station Road West. If you agree please consider signing your name to this formal complaint which will be sent to the council asking them to reconsider.

This is a cross-party effort and you don’t need to be a Lib Dem supporter to take part. No data will be collected and I won’t be spamming you with election material. I’m doing this as a parent and a resident who cares about Canterbury. I hope you will sign whichever party you are from.

Thank you



    Dear Canterbury City Council

    We are writing to complain that the new multi-storey car park at Station Road West unfairly discriminates against parents with pushchairs and those with mobility issues.

    As parents we know that when we drive to the supermarket, the parent and child spaces are nearly always full. There is no blue badge scheme for parents, so parking attendants have no way of knowing if the owner of a parked car genuinely has children with them. People regularly take advantage of this which means the best spaces are usually always taken.

    It is always the ground floor of a multi-storey car park that fills up first, so it is inevitable that parents – and people with mobility issues – will have to park on the upper decks.

    The plans for the new car park show no lifts. This means that parents like us will be forced to push buggies up the car ramps if we want to use the car park.

    Anyone who has ever tried to push a buggy with a basket full of shopping while trying to control a toddler with the other hand knows how difficult this can be. Attempting this gymnastic feat on a car ramp puts everyone in danger: the parents, the children, and even the drivers.

    Wheelchair users who find all the disabled spaces full will face the same danger – and remember that not all disabled people have blue badges.

    We believe the current car park design discriminates against parents and disabled people.

    We are aware that there are spaces allocated for parents with children and for those with mobility issues, but believe for the reasons stated above that they could never be sufficient. Even if the whole ground floor was reserved for parents with children, the system would be abused and we would find ourselves struggling up the ramps.

    Without lifts the car park can never be properly accessible and we believe the council is failing to do enough to protect parents, children and those with disabilities.

    We ask that lifts be included within the plans. If that proves too expensive then the plans need to be sent back to the drawing board.

    Yours faithfully,

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